Our Purpose & Approach

Drover Automations aims to be the comprehensive solution for solopreneurs and small businesses, offering affordable support to fuel their growth. Our offerings encompass training, assistance, and collaborative services.

This Guide’s objective is to align our understanding of expectations and results. While we’re committed to surpassing your expectations and adhering to deadlines, we rely on your active participation. Remember, your systems, launches, and client experiences should matter most to you, and we’re here to support that vision.

Assistance with Drover Automations CRM

Drover Automations offers multiple support channels to cater to your needs. Our ever-expanding video library serves as a resource for self-help. For personalized assistance, you can reach out to us via email at howdy@droverautomations.com, where we aim to provide responses that may include tailored video demonstrations. Additionally, for direct support, you can book a 15-minute one-on-one support call.

  • Access the Drover Automations CRM Video Library
  • Direct Email Assistance: howdy@droverautomations.com
  • Book a 15-Minute Personal Support Call

We strive to address support emails within 24-48 business hours. Providing detailed information in your initial request enhances our ability to offer immediate and effective solutions. For guidance on submitting effective support inquiries, please refer to our ‘Best Practices When Submitting Support Questions’ section to ensure you receive swift and practical help.

Support Hours

Drover Automations offers personalized support between 4pm-10pm AZ time Monday through Friday for email support. Of course, the video library is available at any time.

Drover Automations closes for specific holidays. We will be monitoring for urgent support issues.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Washington’s Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Family Vacation (Notification 1 month prior)
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Thanksgiving Eve – Day After Thanksgiving
  • Final Week of the Year

If you are planning a launch or big changes to your business systems during these holidays, please contact howdy@droverautomations.coma minimum of two weeks prior to ensure we have a runway to support you. We do charge a $200 holiday fee if implementation (not support inquires via email) work must be conducted over holidays.

Critical Support Guidelines

Critical Support Issues should be reported when you’re experiencing severe disruptions, such as system outages, website downtime, non-loading funnels/landing pages, or similar significant problems.

For immediate assistance outside regular hours, please send an email to howdy@droverautomations.com with “URGENT” in the subject line. Additionally, you can send a text to (480)-933-2887 with the details after emailing. We will make it a priority to get back to you promptly.

Best Practices

  1. Capture a Video of the Issue
    • A video walkthrough of the issue can be invaluable in diagnosing the problem. It provides a wealth of information about where and what the issue might be.
    • Use the free Loom Chrome Extension for easy recording of the issues you encounter. You can download it here: Loom Extension
  2. Detail the Specific Area of Concern
    • Clearly identify the specific workflow, email, contact, or other areas where the issue is occurring. The more precise your description, the quicker we can identify a solution.
  3. Outline the Steps Taken
    • Providing a clear sequence of actions that led to the issue will help us replicate the problem and expedite a resolution.


Our Done-With-You services provide you with expert CRM assistance to craft emails or landing pages, construct funnels or online courses, automate workflows, categorize and import contacts, and maximize the use of Drover Automations CRM for your business.

These services might be part of your subscription package or available for individual project purchase.

Service Project Timelines All projects will be discussed, planned, and agreed upon prior to implementation. All timelines are subject to change depending on the scope of each project. Timelines may fluctuate during projects if the scope of the project expands during implementation.

Planning for Events, Promotions, or Launches Certain initiatives like a 5-day challenge, new group program launches, or major events such as summits or masterclasses require extensive preparation due to their complexity and workload. As a general guideline:

  • Allow 4-6 weeks of preparation to account for content creation, marketing asset development, and lead generation.
  • Use the Launch Planner to strategize your content and workflows for maximum success. These projects usually require 4-8 hours of work.

Drover Automations requires at least two weeks’ notice for these types of projects, as we can only accommodate three events or launches simultaneously. We will arrange a one-on-one consultation before starting to ensure a mutual understanding of the strategy and objectives.

Ad-Hoc Service Rates

For project-based engagements, Drover Automations’s rates are $100 per hour for Implementation services and $50 per hour for Strategy consultation. If your project extends beyond our standard offerings, we will provide a time estimate in one-hour increments. Projects commence with an Ad Hoc Service fee of $100 for the initial hour. We will bill the final amount after the project is delivered. Should we anticipate exceeding our initial time estimate, we will reach out to discuss options before proceeding.

Roles and Responsibilities

Drover Automations

Consider Drover Automations as your dedicated implementation squad, gathering content, imagery, and strategic direction to meet your objectives. We’ll execute the build-out adhering to the timeline we’ve agreed upon.

    • We’ll rigorously test automations, emails, and other assets we create to confirm they function seamlessly.
    • Should we encounter typos or grammatical errors, we’ll make corrections. However, copy editing/writing isn’t included in our services. Your content will be utilized exactly as provided.

Drover Automations will collaborate with you to determine the most effective ways to automate your client interactions, deploy systems for programs or events, and implement email sequences using the Drover CRM.


Your role encompasses the development of your marketing strategy and the clear articulation of your objectives, managing project deliverables, and producing all content, including images, videos, and text.

    • The responsibility for copywriting and editing lies with you. While we’ll point out any errors we notice, it’s beyond the scope of Drover Automations’ services. Your content will be used as submitted.
    • We expect you to review the deliverables within two business days and provide comprehensive feedback.
    • It’s crucial for you to personally test the new landing pages, funnels, and workflows once they’re transferred to you, to ensure everything operates as anticipated. The automation represents your client experience. While we strive to craft a top-tier experience, interpretations may vary. Thorough testing is essential to confirm that we’ve accurately executed your instructions and that you can confidently explain the process to your clients.

Remember, the investment in your systems, launches, and client experience should be paramount to you, as it is to us at Drover Automations.

Project Transition

Drover Automations will provide you with an email detailing the completed work, any deviations from the original instructions, and the rationale behind those changes. It’s our aim to inform you of the completion of tasks by the end of the scheduled service period, but please allow us up to 24 business hours for this communication.

Review and Approval of Delivered Work

For new clients, we request a thorough review and approval of all completed work to ensure mutual understanding and to establish a successful working relationship. Initially, every email should be reviewed and approved, regardless of size.

As our working relationship matures, we can streamline the process, focusing reviews and approvals on more significant projects.

Feedback or approval is expected within 2 business days post-delivery. If we don’t hear back within this timeframe, the work is considered accepted, and any subsequent changes may incur additional charges.

We are building and designing work for you. Although, we build what we consider beautiful or perfect, it is your business and your design aesthetic and desired client experience is what is important. We want to know what you don’t like, so we can fix it. We ask that you share your feedback respectfully.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

If a service project is cancelled less than 3 days before the scheduled time, fees will apply, as this time has been reserved exclusively for you and cannot be allocated to other clients.

Supplying Content and Imagery

You are responsible for supplying all content and imagery in a timely manner, as these are crucial for the design and execution of automations. If we do not receive the complete content as expected before the scheduled service time, we will be unable to commence the project, and it will be considered canceled. You will be billed for the time, and rescheduling will be necessary. Please note that in such cases, we cannot guarantee the availability to meet your initial timeline.